The Gripole

GripolesIntroducing the Revolutionary New Gripole!

What can you do with the the revolutionary new Gripole? Perhaps the simpler question is what can't you do? Create a Gripole Moment from any metal surface or thread it through any open loop and join the magnetic ends to create a strong elastic hanger. Wear them on your wrist - it's fashionable and functional!

Genuine patent-pending Gripoles are lovingly hand made in the U.S.A from the highest quality materials. Check out our photo gallery for some of the many uses you'll find for your Gripole!


"I have run across some really amazing things while doing reviews for many different companies, but I have never run across a product that has so many different uses as this one."



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Patent-Pending, Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved. Montone Development
   Warnings:  Product contains very powerful magnets. Do not use as a weapon or in whipping motion. Use caution when separating magnets.  Only separate magnets from magnetic surfaces by grabbing the magnet itself, half twist and gently pull apart.   Small parts may present a choking hazard. People with pacemakers should not work with magnets. Pinching hazard.  Keep away from computers, monitors, credit cards, and watches.  Due to the wide application and utility of the product, use proper and logical judgment when using.